Encryption has been around since the early 1990's but really hasn't really made news until the 2000's and more recently in the 2010's due to ransomware. The first thing that comes to most people when they here encryption is that it is something bad because of the negative annotations associated with encryption. However encryption has a lot of functional uses for everyday uses for everyone. These question often asked is why do I need encryption, obvious answers are if you have sensitive data, such as financial records, court documents etc... I think the best way to answer the question 'Why do i need encryption'? Is to let the developer of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) answer it. You can read his article here I recommend reading it. Do you want to know more about encryption? Do you want to have your encrypted files accessible to you at all times? Are you concerned about people reading your emails, sent to the wrong person by mistake? Contact me I can help you through encryption setup and show you the benefits.

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