With our computer repair there are no diagnostic fees, there are no extra charges for removing viruses, there are no extra charges for speeding up your computer. Have you ever brought your computer to a repair specialist or big name store just to have them nickel and dime you dry? They say there is a diagnostic charge, then they say they have found a problem and it is going to cost extra to fix that problem. Then they say well this happened because you didn't have this Anti-virus program or this Anti-spyware program and you need to buy it so the problem doesn't happen again. Then they tack on an installation fee for installing the software, the next thing you know you are paying as much for the repair/cleaning as you would for a new computer.
At Guardian247 we don't believe in hidden cost for helping you have your computer run faster or even as fast as the first day you bought it. We can show you options for keeping your computer clean and minimizing the risk of catching viruses and spyware. We will show you tips on how to keep your computer running faster.

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